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Baby Skyler, Frisco Newborn Photographer

As much as I love baby girls, little boys can be so fun to dress as well. They look good in rock n roll gear as well as preppy cashmere :). Back in December we shot Amber’s maternity pics and have been dying to come and meet mr Skyler. This little family is so uber stylish….which we LOVE. His daddy spiked up his hair towards the end and that was the highlight of my day. Why do I love mohawks so much? Even after he pee’d all over mommy and daddy’s suede chair we oooh’d and aaaaah’d at all his little moves and outfits.

“Sweet cheeks”

The perfect little Valentine

  • Shmames - OH me, oh my, sweet baby…make me cry….

  • the abernathy's - i love love love my precious nephew. these pictures are amazing girls! great job!!!!!

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