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Holiday Mini’s have arrived, 10 on 10 Project

It’s that time of the month again to post something personal within my life and document what we’ve been up to. This is a collaborative group of photographers that was sought out by Courtney and put together to hold each other accountable to start taking pictures of our own lives and not just our clients. Check out their posts every month as well and follow em on Facebook and Instagram!

So this month we started our first round of MINI SESSIONS!!!! We’ve been holding these for about 4 years now and love that we can include more clients in a short amount of time. It’s the perfect little session to get those holiday pics you need or just a fun reason to get some updated pictures :). We were in Midland, Tx where tumble weeds roam freely. Thanks to Alldredge Gardens for allowing us to hold our mini’s there this year….it was perfect!

First we show the essentials!!! We did 11 shoots on Sunday and 9 shoots yesterday so snacks are a must and WATER!!! PLENTY OF IT!!!!


Sunscreen- all sessions are outside and west texas was 103 degrees this week….UGH
Twine- this hangs EVERYthing from our feather banner, wreath, and teepee poles
Dust pan- as you can see the floor in the background of this picture….Midland is a dust bowl
Chalk- wrote a cute saying on a chalkboard and little kids can’t seem to NOT touch it πŸ™‚
Step stool- last but not least we are all of 5 foot nothing so everyone is taller than me so this is a necessity

I wanted something to do with family or love instead of Christmas saying to the families have that option to make their pictures go with any season

I found this idea on Pinterest and my friend Mandi totally cute a gazillion of these feathers for me.

Jingle bell wreath….DUH


I loved this canvas….plus it was 40% at Hobby Lobby along with all of their other Christmas stuff right now….Hells yah

I wanted a touch of turquoise and thought the black and white striped rugs gave it a little modern flair

Totally found an axe and firewood already chopped….so we used the ax for the poles on the teepee πŸ™‚

WALA!!! Our Greenhouse boho Christmas themed mini sessions 2013

AND this is what we look like behind the lens!!! Amy is a trooper and basically does whatever it takes for those kiddos to show their pearly whites πŸ™‚

  • Jessica - Beautiful setup! If I lived close to you I would definitely want in on that mini session. πŸ™‚

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