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Trash the Dress Bridal Session at Le San Michele

FINALLY….the long awaited day to do this session came about a week ago with the most perfect model I could’ve asked for. Her bohemian styled shoot was absolutely gorgeous and as soon as she told me what she was looking for I knew the most PERFECT spot… Le San Michele. Guys and gals this place is GORGEOUSly stunning. It’s probly my fav place to shoot for reals!

If you are wondering what a “TTD-Trash The Dress” session is I will tell you. Some people think of this as completely destroying your old wedding gown but it’s really not. It’s really just an opportunity to capture some AMAZING shots in your wedding dress…and hey who wouldn’t want to put that expensive piece of clothing back on again….cuz come on, most of ya’ll won’t ever even pull it out of the box you’ve stored it away in. I’ll give you 3 reasons why you WANT to do this type of session.

1. No Time
If you didn’t feel like you had enough time to get the type of pictures you wanted of yourself on this day where you felt the most beautiful you’ve ever felt then now’s your opportunity. Most of the time we are rushing from the ceremony to get to the reception to have fun and meet the timeline that you’ve slaved over to prepare…

2. Stress free
following the above the wedding day is hectic to try and meet and greet with everyone, make sure everything is perfect and maybe you didn’t like how your hair looked in your pics. Now is the time to let it down and try something different. So many brides opt to do some fancy gorgeous updo and sure it looks amazing but it might not have been YOU. I am always in hats but I probably won’t be sporting one down the isle…well, I take that back I just may :). This session gives you the opportunity to slap on some makeup and maybe bring some accessories to show your style.

maybe your pics took place in the church instead of the gorgeous hill country setting you invision. With time constraints you can’t grab your hunnie and just run away for an hour or so to take pictures if your guests are waiting. You can have the luxury to sit back and really think about different places you would love to see yourself  captured in front of.

And the best part about it is we can climb on trees, swim in lakes, play with paint….whatever your creative heart desires without worrying that the dress will get dirty before everyone sees you because hell, everyone already saw you. WOOHOO!

So, I’ve given my two cents of why this is the best idea ever….so if you’re an interested ex-bride-to-be give me a shout and we can start brainstorming for your “Trash The Dress” Session.

If you don’t believe me hear it from the bride below herself:

“day-after bridals allowed me to depict my feelings and attitude on the day of my wedding, which is why I chose to do a bohemian and ethereal composition for the photo shoot. There was no rushing to your reception, no time constraints, and no guests to talk to or stand in the back of your pictures. I was able to have a wardrobe change and compliment my dress with different accessories.”

“All of this aside, Twinty Photography understood my vision and took it on with compassion. I am absolutely blown away with how great the shoot was and even more excited when I saw the final product. This is absolutely what every bride should consider, because after all, you will have these pictures for the rest of your life!” Amanda

Here are some shots i took of the venue itself…AH-MAZING! If you’re looking for a unique and charming spot for your wedding or event contact Virginia.


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