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Gooooo Cougars!

Our cousin Ana has been cheering on a competitive league based out of Kerville and they had a regional competition here in Austin last weekend. Amy and I were in heaven. Our inner 12 years came out and I can remember always wanting to be in cheer but we did every other sport imaginable 🙂

Anywho, they were awesome! So fun to see our cousin come out of her shell….she’s gorgeous and the sweetest person we know and it makes sense that her best friend Brenna would be the same way. We snapped a couple of pics of them at the competition…but I’ve realized I’m NO sports photographer 🙂

Ana on TOP!!!

Haha, this looks like she is break dancing 🙂

We still Got it :)…they were probly so embarrassed I made them do this in the parking lot.

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