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Katy and Warrenton trip

Well this weekend went fast and furious. We went to Warrenton to do some shopping for mom’s birthday and found this awesome vintage 6ft tall birdcage we’re looking to use for a shoot idea. Very excited! Check out the shirts we made for mom’s b-day…and so we could find each other easily 🙂

I also had a family session with a family in Katy, TX. The mom I’ve known since I was a wee toddler and her kids were so much fun. Miss Lauren models for an agency (if you can’t tell by her pictures below) and was so spunky and such a great big Sis. No wonder her younger sister wants to be just like her. As for the boy, you gotta love 2 year old boys. They have such an adventurous look on life 🙂 Thanks so much you guys!

Also, trying out new watermark logos…let me know whatcha think.

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