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The Cutest Pregnancy/Gender Reveal Announcement!!!!

I am so so so so so so excited to announce that my Twinsie “AMY” is going to be a mommy in Sept!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh, that means I’m going to be an AUNTIE!!!!!! Her and her husband just announced after their 12 week appointment this past Wednesday and it was the CUTEST!!!!! They did a blood test to find out the gender early so they decided to have a gender reveal party with close friends and family who lived here in Austin. We were on Pinterest and Instagram for the last month looking at ideas on “How to announce” and our mom keeps calling the baby her little “Moonpie” bc in the first sonogram it looks like a little moon. Well Amy LOVES anything to do with moons and stars so she found an LED neon moon sign and ordered a blue and pink one off Amazon since they didn’t find out the sex until the day of their party at their doc appt. The whole time I thought it was a boy…….but nope it is a little precious GIRL! Check out their gender reveal video equip with a light show (thanks to their nephew) and the cutest little neon moon that will hang in the baby’s room.

pink neon moon sign gender real pregnancy announcement photo


Amy & Ken’s Gender Reveal Video

Click above to watch the video




We needed our own announcement!!!!! Amy got me my “Auntie, like a mom only cooler” shirt off Etsy






With each new year comes new announcements and with Pinterest alive we all want to find cute ways to “TELL” everyone about your news and we’re happy you guys come to us to capture it. We’ve gathered some fun ways to announce your pregnancy that we’ve done in the past and created while thinking about doing AMy’s. Sooooo many other options we just didn’t have time or resources to take pictures of them so you’ll just have to come to us to come up with your “One-Of-A-Kind” announcement photo.


Use your PETS!




dog themed pregnancy announcement with dog collar and sonogram picture




DIY clothes! Dress up your little ones with a ‘BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER” shirt





Smoke Bombs! These are tricky with wind and especially when dealing with toddlers but still super cute.






Or keep it simple with the Sonogram!








BALLOONS are very popular and you can either order them online or get them at the local store in all different shapes, numbers and a colors.






Find some cute PROPS that relate to your style and set up a lifestyle Picture to post with a letterboard (bought ours at Target for $14)

Music themed pregnancy announcement with guitar, tambourine and letterboard saying "baby on board"Globe themed pregnancy announcement with letterboard saying "our whole world" with sonogram


Or you could say “BABY ON BOARD”

Skateboard themed pregnancy announcement with sonogram and letterboard saying " Lil Dude coming"Dreamcatcher themed pregnancy announcement with letterboard saying "our dream came true"vintage camera themed pregnancy announcement with letterboard saying "Oh Snap"Texas themed pregnancy announcement photo with bull horns, letterboard and Born & Raised baby shirt on a letterboardaugust cotton themed pregnancy announcement with cooton wreath and sonogram

coffee shop pregnancy announcement photo




HOLIDAY Themed Announcements

Christmas themed pregnancy announcement pic with berry wreath and letterboard saying "we are berry excited for this christmas"modern Christmas themed pregnancy announcement with stocking, lights, milk bottle swaddle and a letterboard saying "santaChristmas Pregnancy announcement pic with baby clothes and a cute sign

October themed pregnancy announcement and gender reveal picture with pumpkins


Last but not least…..VIDEOS

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