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December 10 on 10 project; Baby Shower

It is so crazy that my husband and I never take pics together (weird huh)… I think when I’m with him we don’t go anywhere that calls for make up and when we do I don’t even think about bringing my camera. Maybe once kids are in the picture we’ll do the infamous family Christmas cards…hey, we still have time to bust them out for the holidays….stay tuned.

Anywho, this month’s 10 on 10 I decided to post a little blurb about a near and dear baby shower we attended last month.

My sister in law is about to have her first baby later this month and I for one am super excited. They decided not to find out the gender so I really need this baby to make it’s debut soon so I can start buying personalized things for it…for now it’s gender neutral all the way. I REALLY wanted to blog her maternity session but it was a little too intimate for the whole world to see so baby shower it is!

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gender neutral baby shower


Loved the sweet baby pics hung up of her and Travis (the baby daddy)


Since Kassi has known me it’s always been April & Amy….so we’re kind of all sister -in- laws!


The Rankin ladies minus me


OH, and this is my precious niece (husband’s brother’s daughter) Ellie! She was the star of the party…besides the pregnant woman 🙂


The future Grandma’s


Amy and I got her this super cool dream catcher for the nursery down on south congress at a store called Gypsy Wagon.


I adore this photo. Kassi showed me an old picture of her mom and her mom’s friends from her baby shower back in the day so we recreated it.



Soon I’ll be an AUNTIE!!!!

  • Courtney Z - There are so many babies coming into the world soon! It works out because I like hangout with other peoples’ babies. 🙂

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