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Glamping Bachelorette Party; Feb 10 on 10 proj

So if you haven’t heard the term “Glamping” then you better look it up because it the the new fad and pretty unique and cool one at that. Urban Dictionary describes it as “Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping” and that it is. I planned a glamping bachelorette party for my sister a couple of weekends ago in New Braunfels, Tx on the river in some Teepees…that’s right I said teepees. These aren’t the old school kind these are modernized and full furnished with 3 queen sized beds, a couch, frig, sink, stove top burner and a flat screen TV.

Let me just tell you, when I told the girlfriends we were staying in teepees I think they thought we were crazy until you show up on the property and see just how extraordinary they are…and that we weren’t going to be “roughing” it. Each teepee is assigned it’s own bathroom and they all have fire pits and horse shoe pits outside of them. Also on the property is a community tree house that has couches, tv’s, kitchen, deck with seating and a ping pong table.

Now, unfortunately some girl scouts took over that area so we camped out in our section of the property, taking up 4 of the 8 teepees with 22 girls!!!! Big party! Unfortunately it rained the WHOLE time we were there but that didn’t stop us from celebrating. We held a lingerie shower, ate smores, made feather headbands and went and walked around Gruene (quaint little tourist town down the road) to do some shopping and eat dinner Saturday night. Needless to say we had a blast!!!!!

Our theme for the weekend was “BOHO”-Fringe, Fur and Flannel. So I brought all the photography props I owned that would set the scene…and then moved them once the rain started haha.

glamping boho table decor for bachelorette party

Each teepee was assigned sleeping arrangement and Tribe Names like below. Amy was in the “Rise & Shine” teepee since she loves breakfast and is having a brunch wedding next month. Her teepee was in charge of breakfast!

glamping bachelorette party door signage for teepee tribes

My sweet sister even made goodie bags for all the girls. I got tin camping mugs on Amazon and she made the hot chocolate stirring sticks. One is white chocolate and the other regular. She even watercolored the sticks…she’s starting an Etsy business called “A Splash of Amy”….how cute is that?

customized glamping mugs with hot chocolate stirring sticks in tin mugsbachelorette campfire party

lingerie party decor in teepeeboho glamping lingerie party signagebachelorette party panties


Isn’t she the cutest???? Get this headband over at Love Crush Boutique

boho bride in Gruene for bachelorette party

We had a total of 22 girls attend over the weekend. My sister sure is loved….MUAH!!!!! A big shout out to Maddie of @MCHOLMESY on Instagram for designing the t-shirts and for printing them.

fringe, flannel and fur glamping bachelorette party girlfriends in customized sleep shirts


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