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Engagement Session inspiration

While perusing all of my Fav bloggers today I came across a newbie… for me at least, Tea Ho of Dreambox Photography. She had a great post about Engagement ideas for the happy couple to think about before their session. I loved how she put it into perspective so I am referencing her blog post today and sharing it with all of you brides to be that read my blog! Hopefully I’ll be photographing your Engagement session in the future!

1) Think about things unique to you and loveé. Do you share favorite movies? Books? Hobbies like bicycling, painting, or even collecting stamps? Are you silly? More serious? Bookish? Part of a motorcycle gang? Have a soft spot for kung fu movies? These can all bring some oomph and pizazz to your images!

2) Think about significant places. Are there any places significant to your history like where you had your first kiss or first date? Are there stores you like to frequent together? Parks? Beaches? Your photos will be all the more sentimental for them.

3) How do you picture the Engagement session? Do you want traditional romance? Indie kookiness? Edgy rocker chic? Young professionals? Funky? Light-hearted? Funny? Playful? Modern? A vintage feel? Urban or Country? A mix of both?

4) What to wear? Wear something that is YOU! Wear something that reflects the two of you. Don’t bother sticking to matching khakis and white shirts, unless that’s your gear. If you want to wear bright bright colors, do it! It’ll create a more dynamic photo session. I would,however, suggest that if one person wears a print (floral, stripes, plaid, etc.) that the other person stick to more solid colors to avoid major clash.

Do a little dance and feel free to make some faces! Laugh! Tell jokes! Try to be yourself. Most of all, HAVE FUN. There is no right or wrong while taking these photos because they are all about YOU!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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