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Family Christmas 2014; 10 on 10

Ahhhhh, I cannot explain to you guys how awesome this Christmas with my family was. It will be our last Christmas in my Grandma’s house in Portland, Tx…51 years she has lived there and next year she plans to move in with my aunt in the big city of Kerrville, Tx.

We decided to make it party and went all out with decorations and glitzy attire. Every year I make them take a group photo and they are some of my absolute favorite pictures ever. Always a nice normal one and then some kind of goofy crazy pic. This year we decided to do a Mascerade theme so everyone dressed in black and gold with the grandkids in a touch of maroon. I was so proud of everyone for dressing to the nines!

So my first 10 on 10 post for the year is reminiscing back to the holidays. Hope your Christmas was filled with family time and love.


We played some songs with my Uncle Gary on harmonica so Caden though he would practice the guitar on his new weed-eater.


For Christmas we all bring a white elephant gift and the returning gift this year making it’s debut for the 2nd year was a t-shirt with Ken’s legendary 80’s pic of him drumming with long hair in leather pants. But to spice it up our cousin (who got the shirt last year) updated it with his own pic on the back of him with a HUGE animal he killed. Mom got the gift this year….it was priceless.


Dorothy Meyer in the flesh, 88 years young


Mom brought her maroon curtains for a table runner, paper Christmas trees from school that one of her teachers made, we hung some lights, put out some gold chargers, glasses and LED candles and walla!


We didn’t want all the sisters in the kitchen like all the other years so we made something easy for dinner….lasagna. It was delicious and of course deserts 🙂


Our Mask wall with our adorable Mimaw


Mimaw and her daughters- they always start laughing and mimaw get s to crying from laughing so hard. I love this one the most because Mimaw is telling me to stop taking pictures….hahaha NEVER 🙂


and last but not least….the group photo. As you will notice to your left, our little cousin Caden was NOT happy this year so his dad thought he’d try something new…upside down he went. LOVE THIS SO MUCH and LOVE every single person in this photo.

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