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Beautiful Beth & David, Austin Engagement Photography

It’s a small world afterall. From thumb wars, junior high dances, dangerous 4-wheelin and sneaking out, to all grown up and in love….this is our friend David who happens to be marrying another one of our friends Beth, who is as funny and loyal as they come. We were so excited to be photographing their engagement pics this past weekend. This had to be one of the funniest shoots I’ve been on (see above)! They both were so tickled at the fact of having pictures taken of them….little did they know we had supermodels in the making.

We started at the Austin mural and went into downtown Roundrock, TX where miss Beth grew up. Even though the wind was absolutely CRAZY they did amazing and I have the pics to prove it!!!! Love you both!!!!

My favorite shot by far!!!

How cute is this place? Their last name will be QUINN 🙂

Rifles, camo and love…..ahhh what a photo op!

  • The Inmans - These look so good! Yeah for Beth and David!

  • Shmames - Ahhhhhhhhh I love ya'll. I can't believe you two were sweating over having 1 good picture….

  • Miranda - Love the pics!!

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