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Ellie is ONE; 10 on 10 Project

My niece turned ONE this past week and is turning into the cutest little girl. After having open heart surgery to put in a pace maker shortly after she was born she hasn’t missed a beat. She has the cutest raspy sound to her voice and we all can’t wait to hear her start talking. Can you say Proud AUNT?

With it being Valentine’s this week I wanted to show ya’ll a little piece of something we love very much….FAMILY.

Her mom and dad had a low key party and made some yummy treats with no sugar???? Um, crazy awesome.


Someone else was really wanting to join the festivites


I love it when babies try a cake for the first time….they have no idea what to think


Needless to say she LOVED IT

Giving her great grandpa “Paw Paw” kisses


Her Aunt Kassi knows how to get her to smile


And her uncle Keith always up to no good. Training them young to love each other. #TheDogAndBabyWhisperer



Thank ya’ll for letting me post a little from my every day life. Ya’ll be sure to check out the other amazing photographers that are associated with the 10 on 10 Project. (We post 10 pictures on the 10th of every month from our every day lives).

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