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Illinois Mini’s

Ho Ho Ho it has begun….tis the season for holiday photos and boy did we do a lot of them this year. Over the next week I’ll be recapping all of our mini sessions from each city we visited. I would love to post them all today but it takes me a little while to make these collages 😉 sooooo I think my favorite this year was in Illinois due to the location….CHRISTMAS TREE FARM. EEEEEEEEEEK it was Ah-MAzing! I mean if only we had those in the cities we shoot in around Texas but for some reason they are not in my prime spots…boo. Maybe I’ll build me own. hahahah (sarcastic laugh). Anywho here they are!


Alfeldt’s Christmas Tree Farm



The Stein Kids



The Kellermans



The Oelze Family



The Piasecki Family


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