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Cousin Kinley, Austin Child Photographer

Our little cousin Kinley is getting sooooo big. She just lights up your day with her precious smile. I can’t believe my cousins finally have a baby when we move away from Dallas :(. We got to see her last weekend though but it just wasn’t long enough. She’s already 9 months old and has a sassy attitude….haha serves her daddy right.

She is so smart and determined. Her mommy sets her toy down a bit away from her bc she’s almost crawling. I could’ve sworn she was just about to but somehow she ends up reaching her goal everytime by pushing her body back and forth. Those little abs must be made of steel. Amy and I tried laying like her for like 30 seconds and were already feeling defeated….haha how do babies do it….legs up arms up.

I love baby tongues….too cute.

Amy was making her smile! Plus mommy always helps!

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