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Amy’s Baby Llama Shower

I had been planning this shower for months and typically I change my mind multiple times over when it comes to themes but I only changedView full post »

glamping boho table decor for bachelorette party

Glamping Bachelorette Party; Feb 10 on 10 proj

So if you haven’t heard the term “Glamping” then you better look it up because it the the new fad and pretty unique andView full post »

Oct 10 on 10: Surprise

This week I helped my sister create a fun gift for her fiance’s birthday. As he would call it….a “Pinterest”View full post »

Ellie is ONE; 10 on 10 Project

My niece turned ONE this past week and is turning into the cutest little girl. After having open heart surgery to put in a pace makerView full post »

Gooooo Cougars!

Our cousin Ana has been cheering on a competitive league based out of Kerville and they had a regional competition here in Austin lastView full post »

Birthday party for two…

Last Saturday I shot a birthday party for a 1 year old and a 13 year old….How you say could two age groups come together and be ableView full post »

Poth Rehearsal Dinner

Hey blogger family. It’s Amy and it’s my turn to tell you all about a little shoot I did…my first “solo” gigView full post »

Frio Outlaws, Austin Lifestyle Photographer

It’s official…we are 27 YEARS young! We celebrated in style by kicking off Thursday night with a show at the Tiniest bar inView full post »

My man is 30

This past Friday we celebrated my fiance’s 30th birthday party…he’s the most handsome and youngest looking 30 year old IView full post »